Famed cartoonist Ron Campbell  will come to Tallahassee’s Signature Gallery this weekend for an exhibition of his Beatles animations, as well as other cartoon favorites from his career. 

2020年欧冠赛程表We’ve all heard of the child prodigy who demonstrates from the age of 5 or 6 that they will one day become a grown-up genius at whatever talent had so preternaturally been bestowed. 

Sometimes, a little guy just knows what he’s got to do with his life — what he’s been born to do. At least, that’s the way it was for a 7-year-old Australian boy named Ron Campbell.

2020年欧冠赛程表Each week in 1946 was taken to the “pictures.” And each week a new 15-minute reel of cartoons were presented along with the feature. Little Ronny Campbell loved Tom and Jerry, the mischievous mouse and the constantly frustrated cat. And he wanted to know where he could go to find them. Perhaps they were in a zoo?

2020年欧冠赛程表The shocking revelation that they were only drawings that had been made to move on the screen changed his life. “The pictures in museums couldn’t do what that cat and mouse were doing!” he laughs now. “I realized that I too could make drawings that live… and there was never anything else that I wanted to do.”

So was created the cartoonist who has gone on to work in film and television for the last nearly half-century, animating and creating the cartoon world’s most famous characters.

From Scooby Doo, the Smurfs, Rugrats, Winnie the Pooh, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and Yogi Bear to his own original Big Blue Marble, a Peabody Award-wining production.

2020年欧冠赛程表Campbell was one of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine animators and the Beatles Saturday morning cartoon series director.

2020年欧冠赛程表Working with the syndicated King Features and Hanna-Barbera, the animation giant, Campbell’s own animation company supplied artists who worked on dozens of commercials and children’s featured series over the years.          

2020年欧冠赛程表Campbell, who is a chatty and amicable raconteur will talk about cartooning, his career, and as a special bonus, paint original remarques (a small original, hand-drawn work of art) for any customer purchasing one of his original Beatles cartoons at the Signature Gallery event.

2020年欧冠赛程表From his home in Arizona, Campbell took some time to discuss cartooning, how it’s done and how it’s changed over the years.

Q:2020年欧冠赛程表 How is an animated cartoon feature put together. What comes first?

A: It’s a pretty complicated process for a hand-drawn animated piece. Like an architect designing a building, everything has to be done in stages. First comes the screenplay… what the story is and what the actors will be saying. Next the actors come in and read the lines. Then the voice track is distributed to the storyboard designers who visualize everything—turn the story into action; scenes to be drawn. Then there is the animation, also in stages: long shots, background, and the actual hand-drawn characters. For instance, in a Disney film, there would be 10 animators, each with an assistant, who had to produce 2-3 SECONDS of film in a week. You can see how labor-intensive hand-drawn animated features were.

Q: It seems like the style of cartoons changed at some point. The old “Cinderella” looked so different from later cartoon features like, say, The Jetsons or The Flintstones.

A: That’s all because of money. As time went on, the main characters would be animated, while the backgrounds remained static, with fewer details. You may not even see facial features animated as much. It cut down on the need for so many animators and the time it took to make the film.

Q:2020年欧冠赛程表 And now most everything is computer-created?

A2020年欧冠赛程表: Yes. I fear hand-drawn cartoons are passing—I hope not forever. Hand-drawn animations have a softness, a charm that computer-generated ones cannot ever create.

Q: 2020年欧冠赛程表Any favorite character from all the ones you have had a hand in drawing?

A:2020年欧冠赛程表 Angelica from the Rugrats I liked quite a lot, and Smurfette. Of course, as far as I’m concerned, Scooby Doo will always be the best dog!

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If you go

What: Ron Campbell, Beatles Yellow Submarine animator and Beatles Saturday morning TV cartoon series director visits, exhibits and talks cartoons

When: 4-8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28; 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 29; noon-4 p.m.             Sunday, March 1

Where: Signature Gallery, 2782 Capital Circle NE.

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